95121 Keyless Entry



Our standard three channel keyless entry is an economical remote entry module. Great for operating power door locks or 2 door shaved door handle kits. The system Comes with (2) powerful 4-button remote transmitters that can send a signal from as far away as 100 feet.

Box Include:
De Luxe Keyless Entry System
Two Four Buttons Durable Remote Controllers
One Six Wires Door Lock Central Box

Keyless Entry Features:
Four Programmable Features
Two Jumper Pins for:Auto Lock and Pulse timer;0.5 Sec. or 3.5 Sec.
Flashing LED
Two Parking Light Output(+/-)
Starter Kill Output(-)
Dome Light Supervision(-)
Horn Honk Output(-)
Negative Door Lock Output(Include a Door Lock Box to make any door Lock Configuration)
Valet Emergency Override Switch
One Negative Aux. Output(Trunk Release)
Single or Double Door Lock Pulse Output
Ignition Auto Lock