What comes in the kit?

Electric-Life power window kits come with 2 regulators with attached motors and 2 pig-tail sockets and complete installation instructions. Everything you need to convert two windows to power is included except switches.

What is the difference between a Street Rod Kit and a Universal Kit?

The basic difference is that the Street Rod Kit is a complete motor and regulator system and replaces the old regulator on any vehicle equipped with flat glass. The universal kit actually motorizes the original mechanical regulator, and can be installed on any vehicle with mechanical regulators that are in good working order.

Do you make a power wing/ vent window option?


I’m thinking about installing one-piece glass, will your kit work with the one-piece glass conversion?

It depends on the manufacturer of the glass. Usually if the original regulator will work with the one-piece glass our system will too. It is very important that the manufacturer of the glass provide you with some sort of guiding system for the glass. Our kit is not designed to balance the glass.

I just installed new weather stripping and my windows are slow going up.

This is a common problem, and is due to the fact that aftermarket manufacturers do not make their products to the exact same thickness as the original. What we suggest is that you spray the weather stripping with silicone spray and run the window up and down a few times. If that does not work try sanding down the weather stripping using a 1200 or 1500 grit paper.

I want to convert all 4 windows but, I want to do the front ones first and the rear at some later date, is that a problem?

No problem whatsoever. Just remember to order a 4 door switch kit when you buy the front windows, so that you can later control all 4 windows from the drivers door.

I can only find a listing for the front doors of my vehicle, what do you have for the rear windows?

In case we do not make a custom fit for the rear windows, we suggest our Colibri universal system, as long as the original mechanical regulators are in good working order. The universal is easily integrated with the custom fit using any of our 4 door switch kits.

What do I do with the hole where the window crank is located?

Most people mount the window switches in place of the window crank to hide the hole. We also offer blank trim caps to cover the hole. The caps come in black, but can be painted to match your interior trim.

How do I know what switches I need?

Any of our switch kits will work with our power window kits or with any other manufacturer’s kits that use reverse polarity motors.

I have an early model vehicle with the original wiring can I use it with your system?

Chances are that your vehicle came equipped with the old 3 wire motor system. In that case, you would have to add relays to make it work. We can supply the relays and a wiring diagram, but this type of conversion should be left up to professional installers.