When building a custom vehicle, we’re always looking for an angle to separate our vehicle from all the rest. As the level of automotive craftsmanship increases, so does the demand for ultra-cool custom products. For this reason, Electric-Life and Street Dreams by Ross DeMaagd have cooperatively designed the first ever power Reverse Hood Kit. At the touch of a button the Reverse Hood Kit is designed to lift up, move forward and open in reverse. Whether you’ve got cool graphics or wicked flames the Reverse Hood Kit is perfect for your custom ride or street rod.

While traditional reverse opening hoods are manually operated and often require major valence clearance, Electric-Life’s kit utilizes power actuators and a patent pending cam lever design to move the hood out of the way of any valence or front body paneling. Smooth operation is guaranteed with gas shock stabilizers and rear hood machined Delrin axial guideway. The Power Reverse Hood Kit is available in two configurations, bolt-in and universal fit. The universal kit can be installed in any vehicle with a traditionally front mounted hood over the course of a weekend with minimal welding and fabrication. Electric-Life’s bolt-in kits require no fabrication and can be installed in a single afternoon with hand tools and an electric drill. The 99850 provides everything you need to convert your hood except mounting brackets, which are sold separately.

Every Power Reverse Hood Kit comes with the following:

  • 200-lb. actuators
  • Plug-and-Play wiring harness
  • Billet aluminum Street Dreams brackets.
  • 4-channel keyless entry system.
  • Heavy duty gas struts and manual emergency entry cable.
  • Mounting Bracket Not Included


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